coL meeting Ariel Pink for the first time, took place in the isles of a Los Angeles record store in 1995. coL was 18 and working there. Pink was 16, and visited the store regularly. Though he continuously went thru the isles, Pink never bought anything. This struck an interest in coL, and he started to hang with him in the isles. Pink would go about his normal perusing, this time naming the bands he was focusing on out loud to coL. Over the next few years they would run into each other every so often, sometimes it would be coL driving and seeing Pink on the street, and picking him up to park and listen to each other's latest cassette, or it might be at a Cal Arts performance; Where Pink was studying. While visiting Pink at such an occasion at the University, the two made their way to Pink's home in the hills, after an art opening. It was here that he was putting the final touches on "The Doldrums". This is also where the two began their first recording session together. Over the next 8 years or so, they recorded a few more songs. They decided to name the project which encapsulates any material they create together, outisde of their solo material; Atheif.

Similarly Differnet EP (2011)

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