coL is currently working on his 49th album: "Left To The Innocents". It features guest appearances by: Richard Sax Ross (Saxophone), Michael Neergaard (Flute), Nigel Lundemo (Drums), and Ian Walker (Bass).
In addition, coL has already written his entire 50th album, and is recording it in Berlin!

The Glenn Campling & coL E.P. entitled "PLAY" is coming along nicely.
It has been several years since Glenn Campling (Tones On Tail) has recorded new material, so we are very excited about this release!
JesusWarhol has pulled it's catalog from the spotify network.
The site has seen David Byrne, Thom Yorke, and 4AD remove their albums as well. We were promted when we saw the sales figures. For 113 plays of one song we receive: 0.000681947 cents = TOTAL. We hope that anyone who reads this will put down their concept that music is free. Something gained for nothing, always means someone else is paying for it.

Of Life has composed and completed a new album. A blend of what was and what is, in the world of electronic music. "Zero Hype" is the first full length album from Of LIfe since 2002.

It was Produced by coL at Serious Solutions in Los Angeles.

Click links below to listen and buy it today!

Of Life - Drink The Run

Karoline Hausted - Camilla

Tattoo Design